Jardines de la Reina 2010 (J.D.R)

JDR pictures 2011

Arrival  at Jucaro Port by buss from Havana and preparing for the boat trip to the floating hotel Tortuga in JDR


Action everywhere as soon as new guests have arrived

Leaving Jucaro harbour enroute to Jardines de la Reina or the Gardens of the Queen

At open sea

The first mangrove islands of the archipelago

Just arrived at the floating hotel Tortuga in the centre in the Gardens of the Queen

The first fishing trip just 40 minutes after arrival

Playing my first ever bonefish, hooked behind me almost in the mangroves

Landed, photographed and released again!

Our first Caribbean sunset, very short but powerful

A warm welcome when returning from fishing

The next day a new location and trying a heavier rod

Our guide was right ....wow....  another fish that I never caught before

Another location for bonefish in shelter, perfect for Ina to give it a try

This time Ina hooked her first ever bonefish

What a nice size for her first ever bonefish and what a fight............

The Avalon Fleet I is heaven on earth.       If you want to see more from Avalon Fleet 1   click here

How a mangrove Island start  

Caribbean sunset at JDR


Sun setting in the ocean

What can be nicer then returning from fishing with these views around you

A turtle case find at one of the Islands

The mangrove forests of JDR

Full concentration on Permit

One of the guest trying for king-size tarpon that we run into during our journey to a very remote Island

Hunting for the big one!

After nearly 2 hours in awe drive we arrived at wreck Island by our small but very safe skiffs

Must be indeed a very dangerous place with all the different ship wrecks around

One of the boats for divers at JDR

No problem to catch a horse eye jack while wading and actually fishing for bonefish

A good fight with light bonefish tackle


One of my most favourite fish......... took over 200 meters of backing

One of my strongest fights in JDR

Jack Crevally

The channels

no words needed


 JDR pictures 2011



All pictures by Hans and Ina van Klinken


                                 Copyright  Hans and Ina van Klinken 2010     Created and maintain by Hans van Klinken.