Avalon Permit fly (2)

In this second part I will explain you how the Avalon Permit Fly is made and will give you the exact measurement to be sure that the effects and actions of the fly will be exactly as Mauro want it to be.

Avalon Permit Fly Dressing:

Hook: Tiemco 811 S size 2

Thread for body: UTC Ultra 140-Tan

Eyes : Dumbbell eyes 3 mm – silver or gold

Antennae : About 7 cm long strands of Black or Wine colored Krystal Flash

Legs : two strands Grizzly Barred Rubber Medium Orange length 5 cm.

Mouth: Arctic Fox tail dyed yellow-orange, tips cut

Body : – Large Marabou in beige colour

Shellback: two strands Pearl Diamond Braid pulled over back and weight

Claws : Two straight-cut zonker strips in light tan or light grey colour tied in delta wing

Keel : hard nylon 20 lb with four silver or stainless steel beads 2,8 mm.

Thread for head :UTC Ultra 210-Fluor Orange


EXTREMELY IMPORTANT are the measuring’s of completed fly. It is here were things go totally wrong and the fly lost his perfect balance and harmony with the water.


Antennae : 7 cm long

Legs : 5 cm long.

Mouth: 1 cm

Claws: skin 2 cm, hair 4 cm

Keel : long 2 cm and 1 cm at deepest position

Arctic fox: 1 cm long after cutting

Note: Diamond Braid is a woven pearl braid

Avalon Permit fly tying steps

Step 1
Insert the hook into the vise, and set up thread onto the hook shank.

Step 2
Tie in the dumbbell eyes on top of the shank, about 1/5 of the way back from the eye of the hook. Place the eyes against your thread base, perpendicular to the hook shank. Do a diagonal wrap across the top of the eyes and down the other side in front of the eyes. Take the thread under the shank behind the eyes and back to your original start location. Start now making figure eight, 8 wraps and don’t be shy with tying thread. To finish the job, add a drop of super glue.  This will insure that the eyes will stay in place even after you have caught a fish. When the eyes are secured and the super glue dried, tie in an eight centimeter piece of clear hard (stiff) 20 lb monofilament. To finish this second step, tie in a small bunch of arctic fox approximately 3,cm long. After the fibers are well secured, shorten the tips until about 1 cm is left.  Check your result compared to the picture.

Step 3
Select two Krystal flash fibers and tie them in on the left and right side of the hook shank. Best way is do it one by one! Cut the off at a length of 7 cm.

Step 4
First tie in the two rubber legs, one on the left side of the hook shank, the other one on the right side. Be sure they are positioned symmetrically, which is very important for the action and mobility of the fly. Cut them off at about a length of 5 cm.  Now take two strands Pearl Diamond Braid (pearl braid) and do exactly the same trick as for the rubber legs, but cut them both at 4 cm length.

Step 5
Now tie in the marabou at the tip.

Step 6
Wrap the marabou feather, under light pressure, forward and secure it with your tying thread. Cut off the surplus.

Step 7
Tie in the zonker strips one by one. Start from the hook eye and secure the strips well, all the way from hook eye until just behind the dumbbell eyes. Be sure the inside of the zonker skins are facing to the body to the right and left side as shown clearly in the picture. To create the delta wing shape, give extra tension on the last few windings of your thread. If the shape does not turn out nicely, wrap your thread around the strip and pull the strip into the required shape. The claws should be positioned at an angle of 45 degrees with the body of the fly!

Note: never use super glue on the skin to try to put the wings into the right shape, the skin will get hard and come off while casting or fishing.

Step 8
Now take the right piece of Pearl Diamond Braid and pull it over the body to the left side of the hook eye and secure. Pull the left Braid over the body to the right size of the hook eye and then secure both with your thread.

Step 9
Take your four silver beads and add them on your monofilament, then pull the monifil forward and until your keel has a loop 2 cm long and 1 cm deep or wide. Then secure the monofilament at the eye on top of the hook shank as shown in the pictures.  Now set up your orange thread and make a nice orange head and tie off by whip finisher. Varnish the head well!

Step 10

The completed fly

In part 3 I will tell you about the latest upgrades of the Avalon fly to the Avalon Special Edition and the Avalon Evolution and also will include the Avalon Bonefish flies.