Semperfli Fly Jam Team Fly Tying

Semperfli Fly Jam

So we had a great weekend at Semperfli HQ in the UK at fly jam with the Pro Team

Semperfli Fly Jam Team
Semperfli Fly Jam Team

The name Fly Jam came about as a casual comment initially.  It was a way of describing … Read more


Charity Work

kids fly tying

Charity is crucial to my ongoing …….


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Atlantic salmon

My way with salmon

Text: Hans van Klinken. Photography: Hans van Klinken & Ina Stevens

Ina Stevens playing a very nice salmon that she just hooked on a dry fly

And there she is 

After nearly 44 years fly fishing for Atlantic salmon I

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Floating Hotel Tortuga

The Tortuga functions as a floating hotel with seven guest cabins that accommodate two anglers each.
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