Atlantic salmon

My way with salmon

Text: Hans van Klinken. Photography: Hans van Klinken & Ina Stevens

Ina Stevens playing a very nice salmon that she just hooked on a dry fly

And there she is 

After nearly 44 years fly fishing for Atlantic salmon I

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Fly Fishing in Cuba (Fish Caught)

A little impression on some of the species that we caught!

Beautiful permit caught by Mauro with his very amazing shrimp fly © Mauro
Very nice bonefish caught by Ina
Another very nice bonefish caught by Ina
Nice snapper caught
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Fishing Stories

Fly Fishing in Malaysia

The world famous PETRONAS towers are worth to visit by night
Pacu: better known as “freshwater GT”
The food in Malaysia is not only cheap but from excellent quality and variety too
Pacu my favorite by far, especially when caught
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Travelling to Newfoundland from Europe

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Plane preparing for trip to Keflavik.

After I shown my lectures about Newfoundland and give people time to ask me questions, the most frequent question by far is undoubtedly about the price for travelling and accommodations. A … Read more



Fishing Big Falls on your own is almost impossible

When I visit Newfoundland in the summer of 1999 I definitely got through very bad fishing conditions. I must be fair, I can handle rain, high water and cold weather very … Read more


The Lady of the Wild!

Tuckamore Lodge

When I first heard the local people in Newfoundland talking about “The Lady of the Wild”, I had no idea where and about whom they were talking about. Today I know much better: “Tuckamore Barb” or the “Lady … Read more