Travelling to Newfoundland from Europe

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport Plane preparing for trip to Keflavik.

After I shown my lectures about Newfoundland and give people time to ask me questions, the most frequent question by far is undoubtedly about the price for travelling and accommodations. A … Read more



Fishing Big Falls on your own is almost impossible

When I visit Newfoundland in the summer of 1999 I definitely got through very bad fishing conditions. I must be fair, I can handle rain, high water and cold weather very … Read more


The Lady of the Wild!

Tuckamore Lodge

When I first heard the local people in Newfoundland talking about “The Lady of the Wild”, I had no idea where and about whom they were talking about. Today I know much better: “Tuckamore Barb” or the “Lady … Read more


Fly Fishing in Labrador

Labrador is rather unknown for most Europeans. I even met several people who really didn’t know were exactly it is located. This is probably why Labrador belongs to one of the world’s last great frontiers. Labrador is the mainland portion … Read more


Fishing the west-coast of Newfoundland

The beautiful Crabbs River Newfoundland

During my 1997 visit to Atlantic Canada I fished another 15 different river systems in Newfoundland and once again registered success by using bigger flies then most of the locals did. We were initially greeted … Read more

Fishing Stories

River fishing in DENMARK

Denmark is the most southern of all Scandinavian countries. It is almost completely surrounded by seas, which makes it very interesting for fishermen. It’s a peaceful land of farmers and agriculture. My friend Mogens Espersen told me that for ages … Read more