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No computer, Play Station, Cell phone, Tablets or Nintendo, but just a simple fly tying vise, some hooks, hairs and feathers, that’s my special goal nowadays. Since 2010 I organize workshops and classes about fly fishing, insects searching and fly tying for kids. When I retired in 2012 I intensify these workshops. I started my first workshops in 1982 in Germany for adults, but meanwhile I do them in many other countries and lately mostly for kids and women. The workshops and classes were so pleasant for me that they became absolutely one of the highlights during my trips, shows and events. So far I have done far over 100 classes/workshops for kids all over the world.

The kids are our future and their enthusiasm, motivation and eager for learning you can see clearly in the pictures we were able to capture. Just look and enjoy with me this amazing interest that kids can have for tying flies. Look at their faces and you will see how serious and eager those kids really are. Kids are exactly the same all over the world. Because the interest and enthusiasm of these kids I set the minimum age at 8 years instead 12 years as I did before. Some kids can’t even wait until I am back again in spring, summer, or autumn.

To organize all these workshops is not that hard for me and for the kids I don’t charge anything and they can join all my classes and workshops for free. I have an excellent background for planning things, and also have a very nice circle of friends who occasionally support me with old materials, tools, threads and feathers.


Fly Tying with women and kids at Tuckamore lodge (Part 2 2014)

Fly Tying with women and kids at Tuckamore lodge (Part 3 2014)

Tying with kids in Nova Scotia 2014

Kid classes – Robbinsons – Canada 2014

Kid classes – Hawkes Bay – Canada 2014

Tying Class at Torrent River Canada 2014

Kid classes – Hawkes Bay – Canada 2013

Fly Tying with women and kids at Tuckamore lodge (Part 1 2013)


All kid classes were fully sponsored by

Fly Fishing Gazette (Netherlands)

Regina Przewieslik (Germany)

Uni Products (Canada),

Angler Sport Group (US),

Semperfli (UK)

Fly Rite (US)

Enrico Pluglisi (US)

Thomas & Thomas fly Rods (US)

RIO fly Lines (US)

Daiichi fly hooks (US)

Thanks a Billion!!!
Without your help I can’t do this!