Diving in Cuba

Dancing with the sharks

All shots: Canon g10 used with the WP-DC28 waterproof case, 80 ISO no flash. Its amazing how good those little point and shoot cameras doing their job. An amazing experience to swim with the sharks and other species.

Ina, Peter and Allan searching for silky sharks in Jardines de la Reina.



The sharks arrived
Peter and Allan in their spiritual dance with the sharks
One of the highlights of our trip was dancing with the sharks in perfect harmony with the wild. On the picture above you see Allan, one of the Danish guests with an incredible pose for the Canon G10
Me (Hans) in my dance with one of the silky sharks. It was amazing how soft the skin from a shark really feels perhaps that’s the reason how they got their name???
Below a few experimental shots with the Canon G10. Some shots were made by our guide Andres Jimenez Castillo who took over my camera after I got sea sick while making too many shots looking down for too long while hanging in the wavy and bouncing surface film.