Fly Fishing deep in the Malaysian jungle for giant…

A photographic impression about a wonderful  fly fishing trip at Royal Belum in Malaysia.

Start of our trip
The boat house
Our team members from Australia and Switzerland
Our fishing boat
I share a boat with my good friend Dron Lee
My first fish: a baby snakehead
Master caster Dron Lee shows me how to tackle the giant snakehead with dry fly
Travelling deep in the jungle by boat is the only way to get the best overall views
Amazing wilderness

Dron searching for snakehead activity..
Our houseboat parked for lunch and siesta..
With open mouth we watched this beautiful and wild jungle elephant for almost 40 min
Paul Arden (who fished the area before) caught the first Toman or Snakehead
and his second one
I lost 3, two even cut my steel wire, what an amazing power and so many lessons to learn
The toman rise
but finally I landed the biggest one
and then you guide got the biggest smile from all… hihihihi
Sunset in the jungle