Fly Fishing in Malaysia

More fly fishing impressions Malaysia

The world famous PETRONAS towers are worth to visit by night
Pacu: better known as “freshwater GT”
The food in Malaysia is not only cheap but from excellent quality and variety too
Pacu my favorite by far, especially when caught on light tackle
During the amazing fight with a Pacu, you will need a very powerful rod!
One of the several (foreign) catfish species that you can catch in Malaysia
Peacock bass project: still small in size, but they will grow fast, can’t wait to get back
My friend Dron Lee with his catch of a nice barramundi
Malaysian local catfish
One of the plenty smaller unknown species that I caught
Malaysia catfish
My friend Mark Petitjean with a nice catfish
My friend Dennis Pat with one of the most beautiful snakeheads I ever seen
With such a powerful sensors it’s no problem to grab a fly in muddy water
No words needed….