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Fly Fishing Mongolia in a different way

When I got the opportunity to join my Malaysian friends Dron and Nick on their trip to Mongolia in 2015, I jumped at it. Fly-fishing in Mongolia had been high on my bucket list for a long while and joining two passionate fly fishermen couldn’t make for a better occasion. Both had fished Mongolia several times, and since hearing dozens of amazing stories about their fly-fishing expeditions over the last few years, I was dead keen to visit the place from the moment I heard about it. I also preferred their way of travelling where instead of flying in by chopper, all their transport is by cars, so as to learn firsthand as much as possible about the country and its people. This however meant that I would be taking extra time over the trip, but since I have retired, that’s happily now less of an issue for me.

If you love to capture birds of prey, Mongolia is the country to be!!!

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One of the “little” flies a size 2/0 Bomber with rubber legs


A set of hoppers as used by Dron and Nick