Fly Tying with women and kids at Tuckamore lodge…

Fly tying with women and kids. Pictures: Ina Stevens.
Part 3: More women in action, July 2014
Location: Main Brook – Newfoundland – Canada

Since 2010 I am also doing fly tying workshops for kids and women in Canada. Nowadays it is one of the highlights during my summer holidays in Canada. I have done many workshops for kids all over the world but the enthusiasm, motivation and eager for learning is worth to capture on pictures. Just look and enjoy with me this amazing interest that kids can have for tying flies. Look at their faces and you will see how serious and eager those kids really are. Because the interest and enthusiasm of these kids I set the minimum age at 8 years instead 12 years as I did before. Some kids can’t even wait until I am back again in summer.



First fly ever


Creating the body
Little demo in between
Synchronized tying works pretty well
Always fun with the ladies
Dubbing loop
Helping hand
Final part
Next pattern
Searching for a bright tag colour
Fiy is ready