Fly Tying

General information

Our fly tying pages contain many patterns and lots of fly tying tips. There are hundreds of fly tying sites on the web and it is not easy to come up with some new or different patterns that already exist or that not have been tied before. In our pages we want to present a mixture of flies and tying techniques that will be worth to have a look at. In most of our stories we will explain you how we came to our designs, which tying steps we use and how we fish our patterns. Our priority will be a good and clear description of the tying steps including with some great photographic work. Web design is already a hard job but maintain the site and keep pages up to date is even harder. If time allow us we will introduce more of our thoughts, ideas and designs in the near future. You will not find a lot traditional or old flies on this website but therefore you will find many of our patterns that we designed between the early eighties and the present days.

With kind regards,
Hans van Klinken

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