Tying the old original leadhead

The Leadhead, originally designed for the large, deep and swift rivers of Scandinavia, has since been proven in many other rivers and still waters all over the world. The bug also worked well as an excellent shrimp imitation in many saltwater locations as well. I never travel without a good selection of Leadheads.


A Daiichi 1560 size 6, Daiichi 2110 size 10 or Daiichi 1710 size 8 or 6 nymph hook has the perfect shape for this bug.

Crimp the leadshot substitute onto a length of monofil
( best use 0.30mm monofil.)

Tie the leadshot onto the top of the shank, just behind the eye
(the split towards the eye)

Pull the monofilament over the leadshot

Secure with tying thread and varnish.

Cut off a piece of flexibody and taper one side

Tie in a piece of green fluorescent flexibody at the tail.


Make 4 turns with the flexibody to create a nice tag


Tie in the partridge tail feather just in front of the tag


The feather is wound as a collar between tag and body.


Form a dubbing loop and twist on some natural rabbit fur


Wind on the dubbing, secure and whip finish.












The dubbing is then well picked out and the leadheaded grayling bug is ready for use.