Fly tying workshops, classes, lectures, and demonstrations

Perfect setup how I like to do my workshops


Since I am retired my number of workshops, classes and lectures have increased enormously. While having no kids it is a great feeling for me to share my skills, experiences, stories, secrets and knowledge with the rest of the world.

Lectures I mainly do for fly fishing clubs or during fly fishing seminars and festivals.

Lectures marked with XXX are full with amazing wildlife and stunning nature pictures.
Following lectures are very popular at this moment:

1) Fishing the Newfoundland wilderness XXX
2) Birthplace Klinkhåmer Special
XX (presentation about how everything started)
3) Fly Fishing in Italia (fly fishing just 2 hours from Rome)
4) Fly fishing deep in the jungle of Malaysia
5) In the footsteps of Lee Wulff
XXX (presentation about the rivers in Newfoundland
6) Do women catch more salmon
XXX (presentation .. for women only!)
7) Fly fishing ladies (women catching fish in the wilderness.. for women only)
8) Norway 18 years later
XXX (presentation about fishing waters after 18 years again)
9) Land of the midnight sun
XXX (A presentation about fishing Yukon Territory)
10) Fishing the highlands of Iceland
XXX (presentation on Arctic char fishing)
11) River Nera Italy

Most popular lectures worldwide:

1) Caddis live and their imitations in different stages
2) Fly fishing in perfect harmony with the wild XXX (presentation about 44 years of fly fishing)

New for 2015

1) Bosnia and Herzegovina (presentation about fly fishing after a war)
2) Fly Fishing for freshwater bonefish
XX (presentation about fly fishing 2 hours from Madrid)
3) Fly Fishing in the Maldives
4) Fly fishing Southwest Newfoundland
5) Fishing for trophy Brook trout in Labrador
6) Fly fishing in Cuba
7) Fly fishing in Slovenia XXX
8) Fishing the Indian summer Salmon in Nova Scotia

Different lectures

1) Netherlands seen through a digital camera XXX
2) Fly fishing in India (no fish caught)
3) Maldives (none fishing part)
4) Whales and Icebergs
5) Yukon wilderness XXX
6) Newfoundland wilderness XXX
7) Nova Scotia XXX 
8) Dempster Highway
XXX (most beautiful road I driven so far)
9) Kids at the vise (presentation about how I do my kids classes)
10) Iceland wilderness

Most popular practical lectures world wide:

1) Building up backing, fly line, leader and tippet without hardly any KNOTS.
2) Going through fly tying boxes and explain the materials

Lecture for ladies at the EWF in Germany. (presentation together with Kate Blubaugh)


My fly tying workshops are most popular and quite professionally done as well. A lot of people don't know the differences between a workshop, a class or a demonstration, so let me try to explain to you how I see the differences! During my workshops it are the participants who doing all the work while I just tell them what to do. Please note well that during a workshop I don't tie myself! To make my tying steps most visible and understandable I use PowerPoint support and numerous of very detailed and high quality Marco pictures. I use beamer, screen and computer. During this PowerPoint presentation, I try to give the participants:
- a clear background and history about the developing of my patterns
- a clear explanation about the materials and substitutes that I prefer
- a good view on secret tying techniques when needed
- a demonstration and explanation about special tying tools when I use them
- a relation of my imitations to the real insects,
- an overview of catches and explanations of special fishing techniques when required

In a workshop I can help each participant individually

My general workshops are not for beginning fly tiers and for minimal four and maximal 12 people. The participants bring their own equipment, tools and basic fly tying materials. All required hooks are fully sponsored by Anglers Support Group from the USA. Materials as advised in the dressings are available for all people who were not able to get them. During the tying steps I follow the tying speed of the slowest participant, I personally guide every individual person during the presentation and checking on my participants continuously about the entire progress of the tying. Most important during my workshops is a perfect interaction between me and my participants. A general workshop takes minimal three and maximal four hours depending on the patterns and atmosphere. During a workshop (depending on the interaction and skill from the participants) we can make between minimal three up to maximal five patterns. My experience is that in the most successful workshops we always ended up after three or four patterns. My fly tying workshops can be chosen from many categories or specially put together by request by the organizer of the workshop.

I have over 50 workshops in my database but following categories are most popular and requested the most:

- Special grayling and trout flies for Scandinavia/Canadian/Russia waters (4 dry flies)
- Special grayling and trout nymphs for Scandinavia/Russia/Canadian waters (4 nymphs)
- The top 5 grayling and trout patterns for Scandinavia/Canada/Russia (2 nymphs, 3 dry flies)
- Special sea trout flies for Baltic sea (a few wonderful patterns from the old Danish masters)
- Demon Flies (3 streamers that work in salt and fresh water)
- Big Nymph mania (4 big nymphs that catch lake trout/ brook trout and many more)
- Nymphs for Atlantic Salmon (4 nymphs that works for Atlantic salmon)
- Paradun's and semi parachutes (4 flies for selective fish)
- The Klinkhåmer Special and it's best similar patterns (4 flies)
- Bugs for the deeps (4 bottom bouncing nymphs)
- Hawthorns, ants and Ugly bugs (4  foam body flies for lakes and big rivers)
- CDC against all rules (4 dry flies tied with CDC in a different way)
- Hydropschiche and Rhyacophy imitations (4 nymphs)
- BWO imitations (2 dry 2 wet)

New workshops for winter 2014-2015
- Bondal series of Atlantic Salmon flies (choice from my 31 best salmon hairwing patterns)
- Secret dry flies for Atlantic Salmon (poly bugs instead of deer hair)
- Avalon Permit Flies (all the secrets behind this amazing permit fly)
- Bonefish flies for Caribbean waters (4 flies)
- Rag or sandworm tied totally different (amazing flies for all large preditors)
- Pike flies Dutch style (my own way of tying pike flies -different then most people do)

Individual workshops

Beside general workshops, I also do individual workshops for beginners or for people who want to learn to tie certain flies for a particular fly fishing trip or particular fishing area. An individual workshops will have a few special benefits as well!


Special workshops for kids (fully sponsored)



When I have a class I tie some flies and explain my techniques while the participants are just watching and actually do nothing. So in a class I do all the work. Classes are most handy for a big audience and when video and screen presentation is possible. Please note: I do not have this equipment!

During a class I do all the work while people can look

Classes just for kids

Fly tying demonstrations

Fly tying demonstrations I mainly do during fairs or shows where I tie some flies and talk with the visitors during my presentations.

Fly tying demonstration at the FFF in Kuala Lumpur / Malaysia

Individual lesson for a nice boy at the Fly Fair in Holland


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With kind regards,


Hans van Klinken











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