Kid classes – Robinsons – Canada 2014

The kid event of the year. No computer, Play Station or Nintendo but just a simple fly tying vise, hairs and feathers

Location: Pirate’s Haven RV Park
Robinsons – Newfoundland – Canada
21 June 2014 – Pictures: Ina Stevens

The youngest participant in my workshop at Pirate’s Haven

All tying sessions 2010-2014 were fully sponsored by

Fly Fishing Gazette (Netherlands)
Regina Przewieslik (Germany)
Uni Products (Canada),
Angler Sport Group (US),
Semperfli (UK)
Fly Rite (US)
Enrico Pluglisi (US)
Thomas & Thomas fly Rods (US)
RIO fly Lines (US)
Daiichi fly hooks

Thanks a Billion!!!

Regina Przewieslik made the special buttons for the kids

Teaching the basic and introduce the materials
Which fly shall I make…..
So many to chose from
How to set up thread
Look how serious those kids watching me showing the basic tying steps
Selecting the materials
How to tie the tail
Explaining how to even the wing
How to tie in the wing
The demonstration almost finished
The kids chose the fly to make in the workshop
Full concentration
Distribution of the materials
and … ready for the workshop
Helping hand with thread and bobbin….
Helping hand with the wing
Helping hand with the throat
Important is to give all kids the same attention
The front hackle clearly needed most attention indeed
Yeah…. Fixed
No words needed
Tail help

Ready congratulations…… all made it to make 3 flies
And now time for the presents
And of course to give Regina’s wonderful buttons