Newfoundland & Labrador

Fishing the West Coast of Newfoundland
During my 1997 visit to Atlantic Canada I fished another 15 different river systems in Newfoundland and once again registered success by using bigger flies then most of the locals did. We were initially greeted by much skepticism and good humor, but began to be taken more seriously before very much time had passed.

Fly Fishing in Labrador
Labrador is rather unknown for most Europeans. I even met several people who really didn’t know were exactly it is located. This is probably why Labrador belongs to one of the world’s last great frontiers.

Fly Fishing in southern Newfoundland (Grey River)
Straight beneath us we saw how Salmon Brook winds its way among enormous rocks. Innumerable boulders clearly stand out against the background, giving an unmistakable image of how this powerful water has chewed through the rugged landscape. The wildly flowing river gradually settles down when it joins the deeper water of the main Grey.

The Lady of the wild (Barb Genge)
We heard of “Tuckamore Barb” for the first time in 1996 when we were visiting some other lodges in Atlantic Canada. Her name was mentioned to us several times and that set you thinking. Who is this “Barb” that everybody talks about? Who is this woman that respects nature and wildlife so much? Who is this nice person that promotes catch and release fishing in a country where people prefer to take their catch?

When droughts strikes heavily
Our favourite Rivers like Crabbs and Harry’s where closed and that was a real big disappointment for us. We came to fish Harry’s and waited a whole year for it and we really feel sad about it. Especially because according to the plan angling will close only when temps exceed 18 degrees Celsius. This is where managers and decision-makers must exercise some prudence and ensure that temperatures are being recorded in the sections of river where the angling is likely to occur.

Nymphing for salmon in the newfie drought of 1999
During my experience with nymphing for salmon I have built up some very nice techniques too. When I hooked my first ever by nymph it was with the Brooks technique, which I use a lot while nymphing for grayling. It’s a very effective technique when the current is strong and you want to present the fly deep but when I used it for salmon and more and more people took it over I just wanted to do something different.

Travelling to Newfoundland from Europe
When I have shown my lectures about Newfoundland and give people time to ask me questions, the most frequent question by far is undoubtedly about the price for travelling and accommodations. A lot of European people still think that travelling to Newfoundland is very expensive but I can assure you that it is not, but of course you have to know when and where to book your journey. Internet is welcome source to plan and organize your entire trip. I book via internet since many years and never had any problems so far. Direct bookings on Internet usual are much cheaper too.