Pulsar Series

The idea for the Pulsar’s arose in 1989 after I read an article about Rats and Cossebooms (which both feature collared hackles). But instead of using a hackle, I used a mixture of dyed rabbit fur and tied it in as a collard. The pulsars are very simple flies, easy to make – but you need some creativity to find the right color combinations. The more color variations you use the larger you can make this series

Hook: Daiichi 2110 or 2117 size 10-4
Thread: Uni-thread 8/0 black
Tag: Fine gold wire
Tail: A few fibers of mallard or teal
Butt: Yellow fluorescent stretch nylon tied much longer than normal
Rib: Oval gold tinsel medium size
Body: Flat gold tinsel
Wing: Squirrel tail natural color
Collard: A nice bunch of rabbit fur, dyed fluorescent yellow on top and bottom
A nice bunch of rabbit fur, dyed fluorescent green on both sides
Head: Black


Step 1
Wrap tying thread and tie in a piece of round tinsel.
Step 2
Wind a nice tag and tie in the tail and the fluorescent wool.
Step 3
Make a nice long butt, up to 1/3 of hook shank is no problem. Tie in the wire for ribbing and the body material.
Step 4
Finish the body and secure with the ribbing. Tie in the wing as flat as possible. Make a beard from the rabbit fibers, then turn your fly and tie in the same amount on top. Take another color of rabbit fur and tie it in on both sides so that you provide a full collard of rabbit fur.