The Credit for the Klinkhåmer Special

Before people give me all the credit for the Klinkhåmer Special they should know that I was not the only one struck with the idea of designing deep surface hanging parachute flies. Unknown to me at that time, Tomas Olsen, a famous Swedish fly tier, had created a similar pattern just one year before. With his melted technique, the best and most durable technique to build a parachute fly so far, he developed a similar but wingless fly, and in the USA Roy Richardson designed an equal emerger in 1986 without knowing about our flies. Mike Monroe (also from US) made a similar fly even 4 years before any of our patterns existed and in a time that we hardly knew what was going on at the US tying scene. He called this fly the ‘Paratilt’. Mike wrote an article about his new design that was published in the summer of 1979 so probably he was the first from all of us unless new information will show up. Therefore I find that all the others deserve as much credit for their creations as I got it for my Klinkhåmer Special.