The first International Fly Fishing Festival, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia…

Part 2: The casters and program day 1
IFFF 2012 had incredible support from world class fly casters and a big crew coming over from Australia. Before the event several casting workshop were conducted by the Federation of Fly Fishers and many candidates were going for their Certified Casting Instructor (CCI), Master Casting Instructor (MCI) and even a few other tests. All exams and test were conducted by the Federation of Fly Fishers (FFF). Several Master Casting Instructors (MCI) prepared the candidates for their fly casting exams with a few last workshops. Among the masters casters were Paul Arden (Europe), Peter Hayes and Simon Zerifah (Australia) and Bill Higashi (Japan). Bill is also a FFF Board of Governance (BOG) member. Another FFF BOG who travelled all the way from America to give support to the event was Mr Soon Lee. Of course after all exams all the master casters stayed to support and help during the IFFF together with other great casters such as: (THCI) Bintoro, Matt Howell and Chris Rowe.

One of several Certified Casting Instructor (CCI) exams
Another picture taken during one of the Certified Casting Instructor (CCI) exams

Program Day 1

Opening ceremony absolutely masterly presented by Ben Foo in two languages (© sportfishing Asia)
Special speech for Dron Lee by Hans van Klinken (© Wesley Tso)
included with a special memento (© Wesley Tso)
Program briefing for day 1 by Ben Foo and Dr CK Ling (© sportfishing Asia)
Practice: Casting different types of rods by Bill Higashi (© sportfishing Asia)
Continuous fly tying demonstrations during the entire day by Marc Petitjean (Switzerland), Dron Lee (Malaysia), Jobina Chia (Malaysia), Wesley Tso (Taiwan), Hans van Klinken (Netherlands), Wang Yong (China), lady angler Margaret (Malaysia), Naveen Kumar (Malaysia), Syahrul (Malaysia), Wirianto Ng (Indonesia), Yusako (Japan)

Me and Peter Hayes having a short lunch break while sharing our experiences
Matt Howell
Lecture: What is with the casting stroke by Soon Lee
Practice: Two handed Spey rod casting by Soon Lee
Bintoro and Jobina
Practice: Single handed distance casting by Paul Arden (© sportfishing Asia)
Lecture: Fly fishing for the Grand Slam – Permit – Bonefish and Tarpon in Cuba by Filippo Invernizzi
Lecture: Fly Fishing in Taiwan by Wesley Tso
Practice: How to be accurate in your casting by Simon Zerifah (© sportfishing Asia)
Workshop: Tying trout and grayling flies by Hans van Klinken (© Dron Lee)
Workshop: Fly casting by Peter Hayes (© sportfishing Asia)
Paul Arden posing for some of his admires (© sportfishing Asia)
Famous Flies on auction for charity. There were many incredibly and very special flies auctioned for charity. They were all tied by fly tiers attending the festival. Many of the patterns were nicely framed on display and put together in series to create a greater impact on potential buyers.
(© sportfishing Asia)


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