The first International Fly Fishing Festival, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia…

Part 3: Program day 2

Spin casting is most popular facet of Malay sport fishing, but fly fishing is a fast growing activity in Malaysia. For me it was an incredible honor to help Dron and UFO as much as I could with advice, suggestions and even personal help to enable them to develop strategies in the most effective ways. UFO is also an informal group of fly angling volunteers who commit their time, sweat and money to developing and promoting fly fishing as a sport. UFO’s founding principle is that its members should not benefit monetarily nor materially from any of its sanctioned activities. UFO’s leadership is non-hierarchical with all members being equal. UFO aims to explore new fly fishing frontiers in Malaysia and to organize unique events and activities with the main object of bringing fly fishing enthusiasts together in Malaysia and even in surrounding countries.

Practice: Taming the wind by Matt Howell (© sportfishing Asia)
Practice: Saltwater casting by Bill Higashi
Bill Higashi and Simon Zerifah
Practice: Magic of the indoor rod by Peter Hayes
Lecture: Trout fishing in New Zealand by Simon Zerifah
Practice: Special cast by Paul Arden
Workshop Paul Arden and Matt Howell
Practice: Help with private casting problems by all master casters
Lecture: Fly Fishing in Japan and saltwater fly fishing by Bill Higashi (© Bill Higashi)
Lecture In the footsteps of Lee Wulff by Hans van Klinken (© Wesley Tso)
Lecture: Cuban Grand Slam – Permit, Bonefish and Tarpon in Cuba by Filippo Invernizzi


Part 4