The first International Fly Fishing Festival, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia…

Part 4: The fly tyers

All the fly tiers participating at the FFF in Kuala Lumpur 2012. We looking back at an awesome show with an amazing audience.  The Malaysians set the blue print for all the other shows to come in Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, China and Borneo. Hopefull more shows will appear. I am looking forward to the big show in 2018.. Below the masters of the vise during the show. From left to right: Dron Lee Malaysia), Naveen Kumar (Malaysia), Wang Yong (China), Wesley Tso (Taiwan), Yusako (Japan), Hans van Klinken (Netherlands), Jobina Chia Malaysia),Marc Petitjean (Switserland), Wirianto Ng (Indonesia), Lady Angler Margaret (Malaysia), Syahrul (Malaysia),


The masters of the vise
Wang Yong (China)
Jobina Chia (Malaysia)
Naveen Kumar (Malaysia)
Syahrul (Malaysia)
Wirianto Ng (Indonesia)
Lady Angler Margaret (Malaysia)
Yusako (Japan)
Wesley Tso (Taiwan)
Marc Petitjean (Switzerland)
Hans van Klinken (Netherlands)
Posing with two lovely visitors from Canada
Wong, van Klinken and Chia