The “Universal Baetis”

The “Universal Baetis – developed in Denmark by Hans van Klinken & Leon Links (1997)



Hook: Daiichi 1170 size 16-18
Thread: Uni 8/0 Black
Tail: Four microfibetts or spinnertails, dark grey
Tag: Fly-Rite no 17 (Golden Brown)
Body: Fly-Rite no 42 (Dark Olive Brown)
Ribbing: Pearsall’s silk 6a
Wing: Dark dun siliconized yarn (Niche)
Hackle: Dark dun

Fly Tying Technique

Set up your thread
Put some extra wax on your thread
Apply a very little amount of Fly Rite no 17 (golden brown) dubbing
Wrap a small butt
Tie in two microfibetts at one side of the hook shank and secure them with your thread
Do the same with the other two fibetts at the opposite side.
Use the butt and the tension of your tying thread (by wrapping it towards the butt) to split the tails in the correct position.
Take a double layer siliconized yarn and pull it up between the hook shank
Secure the wing onto the hook shank at the position showed above
Wing well secured
Tie in the hackle
Tie in the silk ribbing
Apply the dubbing for the body on your tying thread and wrap your body
Finished body
Bring your ribbing forward and tie off
Turn your hook in your vice and use the same parachute hackle technique as we use for the KlinkhÄmer, tie off with your whip finisher
Completed fly (Hans’ version)
Leon’s variation in wing
Completed fly Leon’s version