Fly Fishing in Cuba (Tarpon)

My first ever tarpon experiences at Cayo Largo. It was easy with sinktip lines but not so easy with a floating line, but I wanted to learn both techniques.  On surface and below the surface because the deeper channals could hold really big ones. Sadly we too early for the real big ones.


Baby tarpon
My first ever baby Tarpon, still a baby but a tarpon….
First ever real big “baby” Tarpon hooked at JDR
Same fish but now closely before lost…. seems a nice size fish could be a real tarpon…
A bigger  “baby”Tarpon played at Cayo Largo this time
This time landed and shown to camera with guide William
Another baby at Cayo Largo
Leaping tarpon in fight with grayham Brooks (© Graham Brooks JDR)
Graham Brooks playing a good size baby Tarpon (© Graham Brooks JDR)
(© Graham Brooks JDR)