Diving in Cuba

Dancing with the sharks
All shots: Canon g10 used with the WP-DC28 waterproof case, 80 ISO no flash.

Ina, Peter and Allan searching for silky sharks in Jardines de la Reina.
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Fly Tying

Barracuda Flies

All the 3 popper patterns below were given to me by Graham Brooks and they turned out to be the most successful flies for barracuda for us

My own fancy 20cm barracuda fly also worked well but not as good
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Fly Tying

Horse Eye Jack Flies

Horse Eye jack caught with one of Dron lee’s patterns
No 1…. A popper pattern that was given to me by Graham Brooks and turned out to be the most successful one
No 2…. A pattern that I designed specially
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Fly Tying

Snapper Flies

Below my four most successful snapper flies (all lake trout flies size 2/0 which I normally use in Canada)

My special Inconnu fly worked extremely well for many species in the Caribbean including snapper.
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Fly Tying

Tarpon Flies

Best Tarpon Flies 2010

The ONLY pattern we succeed with in JDR (another one from Dron Lee)

In Cayo Largo we use different patterns

Hooked several with these two patters above (given to me by Mauro)
Landed 4 with my
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