Dry Flies

The Klinkhåmer hook

I design this special hook to be sure to have the optimal hooking power and perfect iceberg effect for surface flies. I want the Klinkhåmer to hang deep IN the surface for the best results. The long shank I need … Read more

Fly Tying

Damsel Fly Nymph

The Fly

The Damsel Fly Nymph can be an important pattern for spring fishing. A couple of times during our traditional trout fishing trip around Whitsun the fish have been very selective and have keyed in on these nymphs. Any … Read more

Fly Tying

Tying damsels and Dragon nymphs


Hook: Partridge H1A size or any extra long shank hook with straight eye
Thread: Uni 8/0 ligh yellow or olive (this will be the colour for the underbody)
Tail: Three Emu or Ostrich herls
Body: Green flexibody, latex … Read more

Fly Tying

How to tie the leadhead


A Daiichi 1560 size 6, Daiichi 2110 size 10 or Daiichi 1710 size 8 or 6 nymph hook has the perfect shape for this bug.

Crimp the leadshot substitute onto a length of monofil
( best use 0.30mm monofil.)… Read more

Fly Tying

The Leadhead Series (dressings)

The Kvennan special  

Hook: Daiichi 1560 size 6, 2110 size 10, 1710 size 6 and 8

The Kvennan Special was designed by Lars and became the first fly in my nymph collection.

Thread: Uni-thread, brown or tan
Underbody: Two layers … Read more


The Leadhead Story


Fishing the dry fly for grayling and trout is my passion and I prefer it to any other method. I get a greater thrill out of seeing fish coming up to take my fly on … Read more


Hans de groot nymph

CDC an MP tying material.
by Leon Links

Just imagine the following: you are invited to fish for two weeks on a river after your own choice, no matter where on this planet. You may take along whatever you need, … Read more


Gold Balls & Silver Bullets

Originally designed for the large, deep and fast flowing rivers of Scandinavia, the beadheads are also very effective patterns for any other watercourse. Their value has been noticed by a growing number of fly fishers, and they are accounting for … Read more

Fly Tying

Caseless Caddis (Ryacophila)

Photographs: Hans Weilenmann

Hook: Daiichi 1160 and 1167 size 10 and 8
Thread: Uni thread 8/0 Black
Underbody: Leadwire (shank one layer, thorax double)
Rib: Monofilament 0,20mm at least 12 windings
Wing: Furry foam or dubbing
Shellback: Flexibody
Thorax: Fitch … Read more