Dry Flies

The Klinkhåmer hook

I design this special hook to be sure to have the optimal hooking power and perfect iceberg effect for surface flies. I want the Klinkhåmer to hang deep IN the surface for the best results. The long shank I need … Read more

Dry Flies

The Fragile Darters Dressings

Crazy Sedge (Leon Links)

Hook: Daiichi 1170 sizes 14-10
Thread: Uni-thread, 6/0, colour brown or tan
Body: Thread and palmered hackle
Hackle: High quality, colour red-brown
Wing: A bunch of soft pale grey almost whitish coloured reindeer hair. (Caribou perfect … Read more

Dry Flies

The Fragile Darters Story

A special fly by: Leon Links and Hans van Klinken

This is one of a series of European flies, which have done very well in several parts of the world. These unusual flies are fished differently and … Read more

Dry Flies

Organza Wings

Winter is surely high season for a fly tier. When the weather turns bad, and the rain starts to hit the windows, it feels good to sit inside, in front of your desk, and tie some flies. The worse the … Read more


Amazing catches with the Blair Mouse

I absolutely have to include this pattern on my website, especially after I caught my biggest ever freshwater fish with it. Not even once, but twice and in the same year and trip as well. The results: A beautiful 113cm … Read more